Relationships are Emotional

Understanding them and reacting to them is intuitive.

At Sensum we are leaders at measuring emotions 'in the wild', where people live their everyday lives.

Do you know your brand's emotional health?

Emotions data is everywhere and we communicate it through our body movement, our facial reactions, our voice, our text, whilst we’re online, and around us as we live our lives.

In our digital world we communicate this data both actively and passively.

Your Emotional Health Check

With Sensum tools we can offer you a 3 step process to check your existing Emotional Health.

Take your Tempurature

We will run your brand or product through our simple and intuitive Implicit Response Test [IRT] platform to establish what emotional attributes your brand is most associated with at this moment, and it’s EH ranking against your main competitor.  This will help you to identify the how your customers view your brand's emotional world and that of your leading competitor.

Check your Social Vitals

Assess how your brand is emotionally talked about on Twitter by using our Emoji Sentiment analysis tool allowing you to see whether people are positive or negative towards your brand, before, during and after a campaign.

Full MOT

Use the Sensum Insights platform with it's deeper analysis tools to understand the non-conscious emotional engagement where people actually engage with your brand. From facial coding and eye-tracking online through to in-the-field biometric research you can see whether your Emotional Health is correctly experienced across all aspects of your customer relationship.

To understand emotions can be of great value, not only to individuals for health and well-being, but also for sports and performance, market research and brand engagement.

Emotions research is gathering pace and for brands and agencies it is becoming paramount in understanding their emotional place in the world.

Their Emotional Health.

From this starting point you can build products, communications, and customer experiences at the heart of your brand’s emotional world. 

Emotions are the way people feel & communicate

The deeper and further you go, the more emotionally in-tune you will be with your own brand and the emotional relationship your brand has with it’s customers.