Understand The Audience

Identify key emotional themes in discussions
Gain better insight on customers’ actual (over claimed) behaviour
Optimize content to be more emotional and engaging

Case Studies

Skipton Building Society

Gaining a deeper understanding of retiring baby boomers

Skipton Building Society wanted to gain a true understanding of baby boomers retirement wishes so it could ensure it's new Retirement Planning service appealed to & supported them.

Biometric non-conscious testing used in tandem with traditional methods throughout the insights and planning process.

Outcome: Development of 5 key retirement personas, development of mobile app now used in-store as retirement DNA profiling tool. This is being used to help staff identify customers retirement personas, so they can tailor discussions around retirement, pensions & savings plans accordingly.

"This innovative research demonstrates how committed we are to really understanding and meeting the needs of the UK's current and future retirees."

David Cutter, Group Chief Executive, Skipton Building Society


Igniting drivers senses

Jaguar XE wanted to know exactly what our bodies & emotions go through whilst in their new car so they could build an online video campaign.

Using facial recognition, heart rate and skin sweat responses we were able to see the 3-stage process the body goes through while driving anticipation & expectation, focus on acceleration, breaking & control; and finally exhilaration & relaxation as the experience comes to an end.

Emotional responses were significantly hightened when riding as a passenger rather than driving.

Outcome: Creation of an emotions-led campaign that showed consumers the real excitement of driving a Jaguar.