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Emotionally Intelligent Transport Solutions

The mobility sector is moving towards smarter transport experiences that are centred on the user, for a more integrated, reactive service across modes and locations. Understanding each customer’s emotions through this journey helps innovative transport businesses to enhance every journey.

Our Emotion AI tools help to personalise the transport experience for the individual traveller, supporting improved health & safety monitoring, media integration, assisted & self-driving, environmental controls… all-round better human-machine interaction.

We work with world-class companies to integrate our AI with transport solutions, to measure and respond to the user’s emotional state in real time, on the move.

Plug Emotion AI Into Future Transport

Test-drive our toolkit of API & SDKs today, to start measuring driver/passenger emotional response and piloting new solutions.

World-leading Expertise

We’ve measured emotions in some of the most extreme environments on the planet, from sky-diver to Arctic explorer, from racetrack to mountain-bike track, and cruising about the public roads. We have helped companies like Ford, Jaguar and Virgin Trains to understand and respond to the travellers’ feelings as they go from A to B in the emerging age of user-centred mobility.

Integrate Emotion AI

Our API & SDKs enable you to measure and respond to your audience’s emotions in real time...

What We Do

Our software & data engineers, emotions specialists and media producers have measured emotions in 20 countries – from 10,000 ft to 200 mph, from Pacific Rim volcanoes to the Arctic Circle, in cinemas to in store, at home to virtual worlds. Sensum goes where people live and experience their lives.