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Case Studies

World's First Volcano Dive

Sam Cossman is the world's only 'Volcano Diver'. .

He wanted to know exactly what happens to his body & his mind when he goes diving in temperatures close to 1,250 centigrade.

Outcome: A real-time record of Sam's journey into the volcano so he can improve his next attempt.

Unsound Movie

World's First Interactive Horror Film

Filmtrip wanted to delve into the emotions of a cinema audience and allow their emotional response to impact the audio and visuals to create a unique experience.

Using biometric sensors we could tell when during the film our audience were losing engagement & make real-time changes to the score, sound-effects, character point of view & speaker location to maximise the fear factor.

Outcome: The scariest horror film possible, unique to each audience viewing experience.

Redbull's World First - Coming Soon