Customer Experience

Identify real life "pain" points within your interactions with customers
Visualise the emotional engagement throughout the customer experience, online and in physical world
Identify whether promotions or advertising are effective

Case Studies

Morrisons Improve The In-Store Experience & Maximise Sales

Morrisons wanted to be at the forefront of understanding their own customers, providing the best possible in-store experience & maximising sales.

We set up our shoppers up with sweat and heart sensors, smart glasses, cameras on their trolley & a conscious questioning app on their mobile phones.

We then gave them money to spend and sent them around their local store to purchase a product of their choosing.

Outcome: Better understanding of the emotional responses & engagement in-store, identification of common pain-points and understanding of whether promotions were effective.

British Rail Hone Online Ticket Purchasing & On-Train Experience

Serco Experience Labs & British Rail wanted to better understand the customer "ticket to end destination" experience.

We monitored the "real" real-time experience with sweat and heart sensors, smart glasses & a conscious questioning app on their mobile phones.

Outcome: In-depth understanding of the highs and lows of the customer experience from start to finish. British Rail able to use data collected to refine their processes & procedures to better suit customers.