Brand & Product Review

Test emotional responses to physical & digital products, branding and imagery
Optimize product, branding and imagery to garner desired consumer response
Carry out testing wherever your consumer is

Case Studies

Rebranding Knorr

Unilever wanted to ensure that the brand had a better relationship with consumers than other brands.

We conducted video & touch testing for proposed packing with conscious questioning, heart rate, brain waves and skin sweat response testing

Outcome: Able to identify strong packaging concepts to distinguish the best branding against competitors before investing in production.

Curry's PC World & BT Sport Prove 4K TVs Make Better Watching Than HD

Curry's PC World & BT Sport wanted to see how 4K compared against HD TVs.

Gathered samples of Tottenham & Chelsea fans for a Premier League match and hooked them up to skin sweat sensors.

The more we sweat, the more engaged we are and our senses heightened.

Outcome: Viewers engage significantly more with 4K than HD, even when their team is losing.