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Optimize ads to be more emotional and engaging
Gain better insight on customers’ actual (over claimed) behaviour
Reduce unnecessary ad spend

Case Studies

Adam & Eve DDB

Adam&Eve DDB learn effective advertising is emotional

Goldsmiths, University of London and Adam&Eve wanted to determine what distinguished "effective" adverts from the rest.

We took a sample of 20 comparable ads marked as "effective" and "ineffective" from the IPA database and used biometric non-conscious and traditional survey testing to measure audience reaction and engagement.

Outcome: Effective ads generate significantly more and stronger emotional reactions. Music enhances these results.

Coca Cola

Reduce unnecessary ad spend

The Coca Cola 'Holiday's Are Coming' commercial is THE Christmas advert and it lasts a full minute.

Average TV advertising slot cost around £150k per minute, which adds up when you're running a heavy campaign in the run-up to Christmas.

Biometric non-conscious responses showed us that the average person loses emotional engagement 30 seconds into the advert.

Outcome: Half the advert and dramatically cut your TV campaign costs without negatively effecting sales.

Marks & Spencer Wins Battle of The Christmas Adverts

Every year brands invest millions of pounds into feature film quality Christmas adverts.

The Daily Telegraph's sceptical science correspondent wanted to find out just how influential they really were. Could they melt his heart or would they prove that Scrooge was right?

We pitted John Lewis' 'Bear and the Hare' against Marks & Spencer's 'Beleive in Magic & Sparkle' and Sainsbury's 'Christmas In A Day'.

Outcome: The fast-paced storyline and glossy "Hollywood" production from Marks & Spencer created the most consistent engagement throughout the advert, ending on a high for the final brand messaging.