Use Cases

What do people have to say?

"Delivery of a seamless web experience is key no matter the platform, device or content that a user interacts with, and that is central to what akamai offers. Sensum’s emotional research provided insights to what happens if this isn’t the case."

John Dillion, VP of Marketing, EMEA, Akamai

"Understanding the emotional quotient (eq) of our communications is essential to our continuing excellence, and using sensum has assisted in deriving valuable insights to emotional triggers that can drive this success."

Sara Davies, Head of Communications, Northern Europe, Cisco

"If you want interesting answers you have to ask interesting questions, which often means finding new ways of asking them. Sensum helped us ask questions about how shoppers were feeling about their experiences in retailers, without asking them directly; this enabled us to identify and understand issues and opportunities that would otherwise have remained hidden. Sensum are an impressive outfit and great fun to work with; I hope to collaborate with them again soon."

Darren Savage, Head of Strategy, Publicis London