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Some of the world’s biggests brands & agencies have used Sensum to deliver business value by innovating with emotions, biometrics, sensor technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence, placing us as the leading provider of emotion insights ‘in the wild’. We have delivered a string of world-firsts from scientific research, mobile & wearable tech, to immersive media experiences – all driven by emotion AI.


Plan the growth of your business and explore new value & market opportunities with our resident experts in emotion AI and empathic technology. Stay ahead of the technology curve.

Sensum offers scientifically validated consultancy & creativity, focused on actionable insights & innovations.

We offer

  • Research insights & consultancy
  • Emotion AI workshop
  • Upskilling on emotion science & AI
  • Concept development & design
  • Prototyping & product design
  • Hardware testing & validation
  • Scientific research & publication


Feel the value of truly authentic, personalised experiences, through technology-driven products, services and campaigns with emotion AI at their hearts.

Sensum engineers solutions from idea to public release, using scientific rigour, human-centred design and cutting-edge technology.

We offer

  • Mobile & web software
  • Biometric & sensor data, wearable tech
  • Data science, machine-learning & AI
  • Apps & plugins
  • Experiential campaigns
  • Embedded software
  • Proof-of-concept products & pilot campaigns
  • Consumer research & testing


Drive continuous innovation, efficiencies and growth through your business by maximising the value of sensor-led data, technology and media.

Sensum humanises data by applying expertise in the art & science of emotions, behaviour, and mobile technology. From big data analysis to immersive content & marketing.

We offer

  • Data analysis, insights & reporting
  • Data visualisation, sonification & haptics
  • Developer toolkits – API, SDKs
  • Content marketing & PR
  • Tech & analytical support
  • Data-driven media production & storytelling

Our team


We have experts in body data, movement & positioning data, time data, context data, audio data, video, mobile and cloud data, conscious and non-conscious data, signal-to-noise analysis... for deep recommendations & insights.


Sensum has the advantage of a specialist in-house design team. Centred around UX and design thinking, we produce concepts, prototypes and high-fidelity artwork. We ensure that our clients benefit from a full design-to-development workflow.


Our development team can handle full-stack projects, whether it be web, API integrations, ‘Android or iOS, we have the expertise to deliver emotion AI and empathic tech in whatever format you require. We take an Agile approach to software development and work closely with our clients.


Our labs team is made up of experts in wearables, hardware devices & communication. A primary focus of labs is app/device testing, providing validated results so you can be certain your solution is performing as it should.