Sensum Labs

Emotions Solutions Provider

Mindshare Agency Preferred Global Supplier

Sensum has worked with brands and agencies all over the world to come up with innovative and interactive emotions experiences, for campaigns, marketing and customer engagement.

These have included 15,000 person music festivals, racing track days, live broadcast, emotional product engagement, VR experiences, interactive art pieces, tailored content marketing, and bespoke digital products that interact with the human body.

Our mobile and web coders, designers and visualisers, labs and data analysis teams, have deployed solutions for brand and ad agencies in 20 countries, from 10,000 feet to 200 mph, from Pacific Rim volcanoes to the Arctic Circle, in cinemas to in store, at home to virtual worlds.

What we offer


Software teams for iOS, Android and web


Graphical representation of a wide range of data types, from mobile to stadium screen, from 2D to VR.


Body data, movement & positioning data, time data, context data, audio data, video data, mobile and cloud data, conscious and non-conscious data, signal to noise analysis, recommendation and insights.


Synchronisation, communications, live data streaming.


For wearables, hardware devices, communications, biometric and emotions testing.

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