Understand your customers where they live their lives

Use new mobile and online research capabilities to gain more authentic and timely insights than ever possible before. Understand customer & user journeys from start to finish, not just snapshots or retrospective opinions. Harness live data to trigger in-the-moment research, connecting with real people in their real lives, exactly when you want to hear from them.

We have developed a range of tools that augment existing research, to measure people’s emotions and behaviour as they respond to products, services and experiences. Our mobile and wearable solutions go beyond contrived lab environments to the home, the streets, shops, stadiums – anywhere your customers go – to deliver real-time insights into their emotions and behaviour.

We have in-house teams covering neuroscience and data analytics as well as hardware consultancy and software development. This gives us the unique ability to help our clients with experimental design and results analysis, as well as building custom tools, for innovative research solutions in any environment. We’ve delivered this for world-class brands and agencies including Unilever, Mindshare, Ford, Akamai and Ipsos MORI, leading to a whole new class of customer insights.


Join some of the most innovative research organisations in the world by connecting your mobile & online research tools to our emotion AI data analysis. Measure biometric, emotional and context data to trigger in-the-moment surveys and notifications, for live, authentic insights like never before.


We have conducted world-first research campaigns and creating a new suite of research tools for some of the largest brands and agencies in the world. In collaboration with our scientific partners we base our work on the latest psychological models and have worked with our clients to conduct fundamental science and publish research insights. Ask us for white papers on biometrics, facial coding and more.

Understanding the nature of human interaction and what motivates humans on so many levels requires a deep understanding of the emotion-related factors and the technological ability to understand and act on them – we work together on many projects to make our science more impactful and to ensure Sensum’s technologies are based on sound and credible science.
Dr Gary McKeown Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast

What We Do

Our software & data engineers, emotions specialists and media producers have measured emotions in 20 countries – from 10,000 ft to 200 mph, from Pacific Rim volcanoes to the Arctic Circle, in cinemas to in store, at home to virtual worlds. Sensum goes where people live and experience their lives.