Welcome to the Age of Bio-emotional Productions

Sync Production

Connect your audience with their heroes and create the future of enhanced media experiences – with the SYNC suite of production tools.

Sync Capture

SYNC Controller

Turn your smartphone into a hub for controlling wearable & phone sensors, plus remote cameras & mics. Then automatically synchronise the collected data & media streams.

Sync Access

SYNC Access

Connect to the Sensum emotion AI cloud infrastructure to process your data for emotional measurement and key event tags.

Sync Plugin

SYNC Plugin

Unleash the creative power of your metadata. The Sensum SYNC plugin for Adobe After Effects allows you to use your sensor & phone data to control effects, visualisations, etc.

Welcome to the Bio-emotional Data Workflow

Sync Step One


Wirelessly trigger & control your media (eg. cameras & mics) and data devices (eg. wearables & smartphone sensors) directly from your smartphone.

Synchronise with a world of devices

The SYNC suite is already compatible with several off-the-shelf wearables and media devices. We’re adding more all the time but tell us if you have any suggested additions.

Sync Step Two


Add custom event tags and input your emotional reactions as you go, to create context data for your recording sessions.

Sync Step Three


Export to Sensum’s cloud-based processing platform for further automatic cleansing and event tagging (eg. min/max data points).

Sync Step Four


Output to your media workflow or use the content for data analysis. Better still, use Sensum’s custom-built Adobe After Effects plugin for controlling data visualisations, effects and more.

Built Using SYNC:

World-first Bio-emotional VR experience