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Deliver new immersive experiences

Emotion AI can enhance your product, event, app, game. We look at how emotion can benefit a range of market sectors.

Media & Advertising

Media testing, brand testing, UX/UI testing, etc. Optimise ad content for increased engagement and memorability. Boost your profits and market share.


Single or multiplayer games that adapt to players’ emotions “in-the-moment” of play. Know what pushes gamers emotional buttons. Modify games dynamically.


Emotionalise the automotive environment. From driver to driver-less cars, understand how the experience makes people feel.

Market Research

Understand how your product is being perceived, received and valued. Launch in-the-moment biometric triggered surveys based on your customers’ emotional responses.


Build real-time emotional engagement into events, software and VR. Live and real-time bio-emotional feedback from the audience. Create more dynamic, immersive experiences.

Sports & Performance

Go beyond self-reporting diaries. Monitor physical activity, emotions and coping mechanisms. Improve training and performance based on bio-emotional feedback.


Build emotionally responsive mobile phones or wearables. Create content that supports the moment they are in.