How do the API & SDKs work?

Our API & SDKs offer many other features to make Emotion AI easy to integrate into your product or service.


1. Measure & Sync

The SDK (Android / iOS) makes it easy to synchronously stream and tag biometric & contextual data from different sources such as wearable devices, smartphones and watches.


2. Process

The API cleanses, aligns and processes the data streams. Our emotion AI algorithms use machine learning to extract the emotional metrics and key events.


3. Trigger

Trigger key biometric and contextual events such as resting, excitement, relaxation, engagement, location, speed, acceleration and more. Build logic that responds to a user's emotion and situation.


4. Understand

Get real-time insights into your customers. Build your own dashboard, app or digital experience. Create bespoke visualisations, provide sonification or haptic feedback.

Android & iOS SDKs

Bluetooth Management

Data Management

Data Sync

Live Streaming

Emotion AI Processing


Biometric & Context Trigger

Demo Apps


Data Generator

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