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Sensor fusion and emotion AI in a mobile app.

Measure human emotions & behaviour in the wild, for enhanced user insights and better human-machine interaction. emSync puts empathic technology in your pocket.


Connect to Your Users’ World

emSync turns your smartphone into a mobile sensor-fusion hub for connecting to a wide range of data sources. Collect biometric and contextual data in one place, for a comprehensive picture of user emotions, physiology and behaviour.


Sync Multimodal Sensors

Align all your data & media automatically, along with custom time-stamped tags, to avoid the headache of manually syncing everything.

emSync Supports a World of Sensors

emSync is integrated with a wide range of off-the-shelf data & media sources, including biometric sensors (eg. heart rate, skin conductance), cameras & microphones (for both context media and emotions from face & voice), as well as various other contextual data sources (eg. location, speed).


Explore Emotions in the Wild

emSync is designed to go with you everywhere. Sensum leads the world in measuring emotions outside the lab, where we live and breath. Baked into emSync is the ability to set up your research kit anywhere and not have to worry about issues like an internet connection. emSync measures your physical & emotional journey indoors, outdoors, in your car, in your pocket… wherever you want to go.

Annotate Your Journey

To give extra context to your sensor-based, nonconscious data collection, you can annotate every step of the emotional journey with whatever media type you want.





A powerful emotion AI engine under the hood

Synsis synthesises and translates data & media from many sources to generate emotional & behavioural insights automatically. Our emotion AI engine uses scientifically validated processes to appraise the user’s situation and provide a best-fit model for their emotional journey from one moment to the next.