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API & SDKs for emotion AI in the cloud

With our API & SDKs, your product can measure and respond to the emotions & behaviours of your users – from an individual to a crowd of thousands, in real time.

How does emSolve work?

Our API & mobile SDKs connect you to Sensum's emotion AI processing engines for rich user insights.


1. Measure & Sync

Build your own empathic technology. Our SDKs (Android & iOS) make it easy to synchronously stream and tag biometric & contextual data from different sources such as wearable devices, smartphones and watches.


2. Process

The Sensum API cleanses, aligns and processes all your data & media streams. Then our emotion AI algorithms use machine learning to extract emotional metrics and key events.


3. Trigger

Trigger actions in your system based on key biometric and contextual events such as resting, excitement, relaxation, engagement, location, speed, acceleration and more. Build logic that responds to a user's emotion and situation, for enhance human-machine interaction.


4. Understand

Get real-time insights into your customers. Build your own dashboard, app or digital experience, based on emotion AI data. Create bespoke visualisations, provide sonification or haptic feedback.

Key Features

emSolve is our access point for you to connect to a full suite of emotion AI processing tools, all the way from sensor to insight.

Android & iOS SDKs

Bluetooth Management

Data Management

Data Sync

Live Streaming

Emotion AI Processing


Biometric & Context Markers

Demo Apps


Data Generator

Developer Friendly

A powerful emotion AI engine under the hood

Synsis synthesises and translates data & media from many sources to generate emotional & behavioural insights automatically. Our emotion AI engine uses scientifically validated processes to appraise the user’s situation and provide a best-fit model for their emotional journey from one moment to the next.