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Emotion AI data insights dashboard

Instant analytics, powered by emotion AI. Access the emotional insights behind your data & media, all in one place.


Real Time Emotions

emSight illuminates the changes in your users’ physiology & emotions in the moment that they live and breath them.


Syncronised data & media

Avoid the pain of manual sync. Jump to any point in the timeline of your users’ emotional journeys to see all your information synchronised together, including biometric data (eg. heart rate, skin conductance, etc.) and context media (eg. video, audio, map, etc.).


Oversight on the whole experience

emSight gives you a single portal for reviewing an entire user experience, from seconds to days. All your raw data and emotional insights in one place.

A Multimodal Approach to a Multisensory World

The emSight dashboard consolidates a world of data and media from around the user into one place. By combining multiple streams of biometric and contextual information, all processed through our emotion AI engines, you see things the way the user does: through their moment-by-moment actions and feelings.

A powerful emotion AI engine under the hood

Synsis synthesises and translates data & media from many sources to generate emotional & behavioural insights automatically. Our emotion AI engine uses scientifically validated processes to appraise the user’s situation and provide a best-fit model for their emotional journey from one moment to the next.