Meet Synsis™

Personalise the way people interact with your products by embedding algorithms that measure the current state of the user’s mind & body.

Synsis™ is a universal classifier of human states – modelling the user’s emotion, behaviour and physiology in real time from the widest range of sensors and data on the market.

How Synsis™ Works

1) Measure

Human Data

Choose which data and sensors suit your needs – one or many, all unified through our platform. Work with raw data or integrate third-party providers.

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2) Interpret

Human Insights

Synsis™ automatically analyses the incoming data streams to model the user’s current state, by applying established psychological models.

3) Enhance

Human interaction

With our algorithms providing a feed of the user’s current state, your products can finally understand the humans that use them, and respond appropriately. This is empathic human-machine interaction – a natural step for AI.

Onboarding Synsis

We have solutions to meet you wherever you are on your journey to empathic AI.

Real-World Applications

Mobility & Smart Cities

Vehicle responds to stress detection from in-cabin sensors by adapting climate settings & music selection.

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Affective Computing & Electronics

Conversation between user and digital virtual assistant provides data for improving the system’s empathic interaction & emotional support.

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Performance & Wellbeing

Data derived from fitness wearable shows effect of mood on performance, for training optimisation.

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Media & Entertainment

Computer game responds dynamically to player’s engagement level to maximise enjoyment & emotional response.

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You're In Good Company

Key Features

All the tools you need for better relations between human and machine.


Plug-and-Play Developer Solutions

API, SDKs and analysis tools to plug your data into and build empathic technology.

Universal Modelling

Universal Modelling

Synsis™ provides combined metrics for a comprehensive range of user states across emotion, behaviour and physiology.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

Run Synsis™ in the cloud, or locally on a machine or chip, as needed.

Sensor Agnostic

Sensor Agnostic

Choose the sensors that suit you, adding and changing them so your products can evolve with the technology.

Data Handling

Data Handling

Automatically sync, cleanse and tag incoming data & media streams with our patent-pending solution.

Real-Time Human Understanding

Real-Time Understanding

Measure and respond immediately to changing user states as they happen.

Sensor Fusion, Solved

Sensor Fusion

Send data from the widest range of sensors on the market and let our platform deal with it.

Human Responsive


Trigger machine actions against relevant user states so your products interact empathically with their users.

We are Sensum: the Art & Science of Emotion

Since 2011 we have led the world at measuring human states & emotions outside the lab, from homes and shops to some of the most extreme environments on the planet.