Jan 26, 2017

The future of emotion-based technology

Here are some of the things we are most excited about, all of which are set to launch or being experimented with over the next couple of years...

1) Emotionally-responsive car - Toyota’s new concept car called Yui will measure the driver’s emotions. As WiredUK put it, the car has been designed to incorporate artificial intelligence that is able to learn about the driver to ultimately end up "building a relationship" with them. Pretty cool, right? Let’s just hope this ‘concept’ could eventually become realistic.


2) Personalised tv - At CES 2017, Samsung claimed their new QLED TVs will know what you want to watch and when. They will be powered by Samsung's new Smart TV hub which will show personalised content based on previous TV preferences through Samsung’s Smart Hub platform. Unfortunately, they can’t automatically understand what TV mood you’re in, you will need to share certain details, such as viewing history, to receive these personalised services.


3) Virtual Reality with a touch of scent – the word on the street is that smell-o-vision (the method of releasing scent during films) is about take off in VR. As we have discovered in our experiment with the Gadget show, VR is supposed to be immersive and adding scent to the equation will maximise this. Despite not knowing exactly when, this invention will likely take off during 2017 and we look forward to it as scent can have a strong impact on emotions and ultimately heighten our experiences.


4) Facial recognition iPhone - The latest rumour in the mobile sector is Apple is removing its existing touch ID sensor and replacing it with new biometric technologies, as well as including the feature of full-facial recognition. KGI claim the brand will likely rely solely on facial recognition (FR) for unlocking the phone and authorising digital purchases. What’s more, FR will allow Siri to know who exactly he is speaking to and when. With 2017 being the iPhone’s 10th anniversary… we really do hope to see new biometric features and more!


5) Wearable tech designed to understand your pet’s emotions – Our final favourite…but certainly not our least… is the latest tech creation at Tokyo’s wearable exhibition that allows pet owners to understand whether their cats and dogs are feeling playful, happy, relaxed or annoyed. This piece of wearable tech is still in its prototype stages and undergoing experiments but is likely to be going on sale in the near future.


The above five are only a small pinch of the coolest tech to come in 2017 and onwards! Gadgets that have the ability to quantify our emotions, produce more immersive experiences and use our biometric data are what get the Sensum team excited! As the year goes on, we will no doubt here of many more inventions on their way to the digital age. Let us know your favourites by tweeting us @sensumco