Oct 06, 2015

Capture Your Feelings With EmoCam

Emocam can capture our feelings along with our photographs! It is a photography app that allows us to express our emotion of the moment. We capture special moments in a photo but also attach our heart felt reaction alongside it. The photo will be enhanced by adding the users heart rate and appropriate emoticon to fit with the emotion being felt in the photo or in response to the photo.

Facebook - 2 billion, Snapchat - 1 billion, WhatsApp - 1 billion photos per day. We take so many photos every day and they are beginning to lose their meaning we wanted to put the emotion back into photos.

You're at the best gig of your life. You take a selfie in the mass crowd the photo doesn't do the moment justice for that feeling you had.

In December 2014 Sensum had a Christmas Hackathon. We wanted to come up with something awesome using all our skills and expertise. As graphic designers, film makers, musicians and coders we wanted to come up with some cool new ways to use wearables, mobiles and cloud computing, and something that taps into something that we all do every day.

You can remember your heart was pumping like mad as you jumped around that gig. You can see how your body is reacting in that moment you captured your photo

You can quickly attach your heart rate and emotion to your photos via specially created emoticons. You can capture your heart rate via Android Wear device, phone camera and flash or enter it manually. Then you can share it to the world.

Here's our promo video showing EmoCam in action:


Capture a moment you want to share with everyone. Take a photo of a summer sunset, a selfie with your best friend, your best dish at a dinner party or your favourite sporting event. You can capture all these moments within the Emocam app before you share it with the world.

The next step within the app, once you have your photo, is to capture your heart rate. You can do this by holding your finger over the flash on the camera of your Android smartphone or by using Android wear or lastly entering it manually. Once you have recorded your heart rate it is attached to your photo and you can place it wherever you like on the photo.

The final step is to attach a fitting emoticon. There are so many to choose from and they are all in categories of emotions. You can choose which ever you feel is most appropriate and attach it to your photo. They are sure to encourage a reaction on your social media once you share it with everyone.

Finally, it with your social network!

Emocam is available to download on the Android Play Store now. Here's a link to the store. We're excited to see how you start using EmoCam and creating more meaning and heartfelt photos.