Empathic human-machine interaction for the entire transport experience

Automatically analyse travellers’ emotions, behaviour and physiology at every step of the journey, in real time. Humanise your data to enhance users’ mobility experiences.


Automated monitoring & management of:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Heart & other medical issues
  • Focus & distraction
  • driver-vehicle handover


Automated optimisation of:

  • Driver/passenger relaxation
  • Environmental controls
  • Humanising virtual assistant AI & conversational feedback
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Health & fitness


Automated enhancement of:

  • Media integration
  • Infotainment
  • Custom driving & passenger settings & experiences
Take Kit

Mobile Research Kit*

Measure and process multimodal face, voice & biometric data for emotion insights in the wild

*Includes emSync Android app, biometric wearables, 2 x GoPro cameras, microphone and access to your emotional insights through emSight.

Mobility Case Studies

We’ve explored empathic technology solutions with some world-class partners.

Ford Lights 3 1600X1033

Building the Ford Buzz Car

Visualising real-time driver emotions in Ford performance cars, to show ‘buzz moments’ of peak enjoyment.

Jaguar Xe

Jaguar XE Biometrics - Ignite the Senses

Measuring the emotional thrill-ride of hurtling round a track in the new Jag sports saloon.

Localhero Header

The Hero Feeling with Red Bull

Pioneering new forms of media production and emotion science in extreme environments.


Sensum at the Vauxhall International 2013 North West 200

In conjunction with BBC NI, Sensum was asked to provide a way of measuring the heart rate of 3 different riders.

Opinion and Insight

The Role of Human Emotions in the Future of Transport

The new era of connected mobility is transforming journeys into tailored experiences, designed around the human. How will this affect human-machine interaction?

Driving Seat

Measuring Emotion in the Driver’s Seat: Insights from the Scientific Frontline

Vehicles are becoming autonomous & empathic. Learn our insights from a Sensum research project to explore driver & passenger emotions.

1 G8Jz Gnd I5 Enel U0 Hm9H3 Q

Sensor Fusion: The Only Way to Measure True Emotion

Lessons learned from the field: researching how best to measure human emotions and teach machines to respond appropriately.

Trust Illustration

How to Engineer Trust in the Age of Autonomy

Lessons learned from the field: researching how best to measure human emotions and teach machines to respond appropriately.

Mobility Videos

Watch some micro-documentaries from inside Sensum’s development of empathic mobility solutions.

The Future of Transportation Poster

Download our poster demonstrating examples of how emotion AI will be used to help autonomous vehicles respond to their passengers…