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We lead the world at understanding human data in the wild

Take the Journey to Empathic AI

We have helped some of the world's greatest brands to add emotional intelligence to their products, services and experiences.

1. Measure human data

Understand & manage your sensors and data. Get to know your users down to an emotional level.

  • Specialist R&D team for education & exploration in empathic tech & emotion science.
  • UX expertise to help you discover opportunities from your user data.
  • Scientific research & publishing to validate each step in your development.

2. Integrate with Synsis

Deploy empathic AI in the field to validate your technology and inform more effective product development.

  • Product validation in realistic user scenarios with our mobile research kit.
  • Product roadmap development for enhancing user outcomes with empathic AI.
  • Optimising sensor, data and analytics stack with our dedicated data science & engineering teams.

3. Empathic Human-Machine Interaction

Enhance your products with empathic features that respond to live human states.

  • Customised algorithms for your unique product & user requirements.
  • Embedding Synsis empathic AI into market-ready product stack.
  • World-first products, features or campaigns to establish market leadership.

Our tools have measured emotions across 20 countries, online, in shops, in homes, in the wild; from 1 person to 15,000 people simultaneously, at 10,000 ft, at 200 mph; from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Rim, in cars, planes, trains, boats, bicycles, motorbikes and parachutes.


A Multimodal Approach to a Multisensory World

Our technology has always been built to be solution-agnostic. That way you can choose the data & sensors that suit you and mix them together for richer analysis. Our Synsis™ empathic AI engine optimises to whatever data sources are available in each context, from moment to moment, just like us humans do.

Body Biometrics

Body Biometrics

  • Heart Rate
  • GSR
  • Skin Conductance
  • Breathing
  • Skin Temperature
  • Body Position
  • and many more...
Face & Voice

Face & Voice Analysis

  • Facial Expressions
  • Eye Tracking
  • Head Movement
  • Gaze Plotting from cameras
  • Vocal Patterns from microphones


Boost accuracy & relevance with context data from the surrounding world.

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Weather
  • Telemetrics, etc.
Take Kit

Start collecting human data today

Measure and process multimodal face, voice & biometric data for emotion insights in the wild

*Includes Sensum Android app, biometric wearables, 2 x GoPro cameras, microphone and access to your emotional insights through our analysis dashboard.

Some of the world’s biggests brands & agencies have used Sensum to deliver business value by innovating with emotions, biometrics, sensor technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence, placing us as the leading provider of emotion insights ‘in the wild’.

We have delivered a string of world-firsts from scientific research, mobile & wearable tech, to immersive media experiences – all driven by emotion AI.