The Art & Science of Emotion

Sensum is an emotions-based software solutions company.
We bring together the art & science of emotion with our creative expertise and technology.

What Is Sensum?

Our online platform Sensum Insights combines traditional market research methods with non-conscious biometric methods to build a 360 degree picture of audiences’ emotional responses. With our unique emotions algorithms we generate actionable insights to help brands create exciting and engaging content, products, and experiences.

Introducing Sensum Insights

Sensum Insights

Sensum Insights is a self-service research platform that allows you to capture conscious & non-conscious emotional responses in real-time - and on a global scale

Insights Tools
Facial Coding
Facial Coding
Eye Tracking
Eye Tracking
Implicit Responses
Implicit Responses

“Emotive campaigns outsell informative campaigns on every business metric: 17% more profit, 30% greater market share, 19% higher sales.“

Les Binet - Head of Effectiveness at Adam & Eve DDB

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