Empathic Gaming

Build better games that wrap players in a curated journey of emotional highs and lows, enhancing their connection with the gaming environment. Optimise game design and maximise development efficiency for more emotive, valuable productions.

Connect games with the player’s emotional and physiological responses to every second of the experience, at any point in the production process, from early testing to live gameplay in the home. Sensum’s emotion AI tools can deliver moment-by-moment analysis of what features push the player’s mental buttons, or lose them to boredom and frustration. Then within the actual gameplay, emotional responses can be used to automatically trigger changes in narrative, media, etc. to take players to places they’ve never been.

We have created a set of technology solutions, through our work with some of the biggest media entities on the planet, to connect media & tech to the user’s live emotional state.

Plug Emotion AI into your Games

You can start using our API & SDKs today, to connect emotion AI insights into your next game title.

World-leading Expertise

From lab-based user testing to world-first experiential campaigns, we have pioneered a set of technological solutions that have been connected to audiences all over the world. Media & tech giants including the BBC, Cisco, Akamai and Red Bull Media House have benefitted from our tools and expertise to deliver enhanced experiences for their customers.

What We Do

Our software & data engineers, emotions specialists and media producers have measured emotions in 20 countries – from 10,000 ft to 200 mph, from Pacific Rim volcanoes to the Arctic Circle, in cinemas to in store, at home to virtual worlds. Sensum goes where people live and experience their lives.