Tools for Emotional Brand Experiences

Deliver truly personalised, authentic experiences for each human at the centre of your campaigns and products. Engage more emotionally with customers to delight them, increase brand awareness, aid positive recall, and ultimately increase brand value.

Emotion AI technology can integrate with every stage of the marketing lifecycle, to deliver a whole new depth of customer insights. By understanding the user’s emotional response at every touchpoint, from initial research & testing, through to live brand experiences ‘in the wild’, you can enhance communications, products and services.

We have built a unique set of tools for emotionally intelligent marketing, taking emotion AI technology from the lab to realistic environments where people actually live and breath. Custom tools allow you to measure real-time emotional response to media, interactive content, retail spaces, experiential environments, surveys, events & even VR – anywhere you want to connect with your users.

Enhance your Tech with emotion AI

The Sensum emotion AI Toolkit is available for developers to connect to our API & SDKs and start building brand experiences led by technology & data.

World-leading Expertise

We are proud to count some of the world’s most successful brands and agencies among our clients. In a series of world-firsts, we have delivered insights and campaigns for global innovators from Unilever to Red Bull and from Mindshare to Ipsos MORI. To achieve this we have had to build new technology to measure emotions everywhere from supermarkets to vehicles to outdoor concerts: mobile marketing technology that works in people’s real lives.

What We Do

Our software & data engineers, emotions specialists and media producers have measured emotions in 20 countries – from 10,000 ft to 200 mph, from Pacific Rim volcanoes to the Arctic Circle, in cinemas to in store, at home to virtual worlds. Sensum goes where people live and experience their lives.