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Emotional Intelligence for Brands
Advertising Week Europe - London

20th-24th March 2017

Our CEO, Gawain Morrison, will be joining the Foresight Factory's Maebh Quorin to discuss emotional intelligence for brands at this years event. What role do emotions play in consumers decision making? How can marketers better understand, quantify emotions and make them work for them?

Now in its fifth year, Advertising Week Europe is a hybrid of inspiring thought leadership, entertainment and special events celebrating the industry and its people. For one week, from 20–24 March, the brightest leaders from the marketing, advertising, technology and entertainment industries join together in London to share their visions, passions, and best practices. From seminars and workshops led by some of the greatest minds in the industry by day, to world class entertainment in London’s most iconic venues by night – Advertising Week Europe’s premier roster of events is like no other.

Turning emotions into business impact
Emotional Insights Breakfast - London

May 2017

We all know that understanding and influencing emotion is a vital ingredient for business, creative and personal success, but how can we incorporate them more effectively into our marketing and creative campaigns while proving their value? We invite you to the join the next panel discussion in our Emotional Insights series, where we'll be discussing the answers to these questions as well as real-life use cases.

Panellists to include:

- John Dillon, VP Global Marketing, Web Performance & Security, Akamai
- Darren Savage, Head of Strategy, Publicis
- Gary McKeowan, Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Queen’s University Belfast
- Meabh Quoirin, CEO, Foresight Factory