Enhance Human Interaction

See how innovative companies are using empathic AI to improve their products

User Outcomes

Empathy is the key to better human-machine interaction

Mobility ad smart cities

Mobility & Smart Cities

Monitor user emotions & states for safety, comfort and entertainment features.

  • Driver & passenger monitoring for vital metrics, including: fatigue, stress/anxiety, distraction/focus.
  • Custom machine responses including: driver-vehicle handover, environmental & comfort settings, and media system integration.

Hardware &

Optimise engagement in real time based on user emotion & behaviour.

  • Affective computing & empathic human-machine interaction.
  • Humanise media & interaction with data visualisation and emotional response.
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Wellbeing &

Maximise health, enjoyment and performance by connecting users to emotional & physiological insights.

  • Enhance experiential campaigns & events with emotional feedback.
  • Target mental & physical outcomes for improved health & wellbeing.

Mobility & Smart Cities

As everything from cars to houses become autonomous & connected, we are working with global leaders to implement empathic AI into the products and services that surround our lives.

Take a deeper dive into Sensum’s work in the mobility sector

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Consumer Products & Research

We have helped some of the planet’s biggest brands to understand their customers down to an emotional level, and prototype world-first product solutions with empathic tech.

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Media & Lifestyle

We have enhanced the design and execution of audience experiences all over the world and across many media, from TV ads to corporate events, to outdoor festivals.

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The Hero Feeling - Introducing Bio-emotional VR

Sensum, in collaboration with Red Bull Media House, sought to explore the emotional performance of the elite athlete, particularly the extreme athlete. We would then visualise their data in a way that could be communicated across Red Bull's various media channels, emotionalising content.