A toolkit for real-time emotional response

Good products satisfy users. Great products make an emotional connection.


  • RestFUL API for emotion AI
  • Excitement/Relaxation
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment
  • & more...


  • iOS and Android
  • Heart rate
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration
  • & many more...

Boost the value of your products & services instantly with emotion AI.

The Sensum toolkit collates and synchronises the incoming streams from almost any sensor, data source or media device, and analyses them for users’ emotions and key events in their biometrics, behaviour and situation.

With Sensum under the hood, your products & services become able to respond to your users’ emotions and situations, for a more personalised and relevant experience. And you gain deep insights into your audiences’ biometric, contextual and emotional scenarios.



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Build Your Own Empathic Tech with the emSolve Developer Toolkit

Our API & SDKs enable you to access emotion processing directly from our cloud infrastructure. Use our developer toolkit to build your own tools for measuring & responding to your audience’s emotions in real time.