Four Steps to a Truly Personalised Experience

There is great value in creating products & services that engage more emotionally with your audience, personalising experiences and embracing human-centred design. But adopting the latest science & technology for understanding user behaviour & emotions can be daunting. Our service packages make it easy for you to navigate the opportunities in Emotion AI and quickly get to innovative new solutions.

1. Emotion AI Clinic

One-day workshop. Learn about the current science and technology behind Emotion AI. Experience emotion measurement first-hand with some of the latest digital tools. Explore pain-points and opportunities in your market.

2. Campaign Pack

Package 1, plus five days of Sensum consultancy & project support for up to a year. Access our expertise in Emotion AI to aid you in developing successful campaigns, products and services.

3. Emotion AI Toolkit

Packages 1 & 2, plus a license to use our best-in-class digital products for capture, sync, measurement and analysis of emotions, anywhere. Benefit from dedicated support to deploy Emotion AI tools in the lab, in the home, in venues and in the wild.

4. Custom Prototyping & Product Development

Access our science, Ux & tech teams to create innovative new digital products & services, from proof-of-concept prototypes to full public products. Our in-house development capabilities provide a full service that includes mobile & web development; data analysis & machine-learning; psychology & neuromarketing; Ux, design and media production.

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Deliver new immersive experiences

Emotion AI can enhance your product, event, app, game. We look at how emotion can benefit a range of market sectors.

Media & Advertising

Media testing, brand testing, UX/UI testing, etc. Optimise ad content for increased engagement and memorability. Boost your profits and market share.


Single or multiplayer games that adapt to players’ emotions “in-the-moment” of play. Know what pushes gamers emotional buttons. Modify games dynamically.


Emotionalise the automotive environment. From driver to driver-less cars, understand how the experience makes people feel.

Market Research

Understand how your product is being perceived, received and valued. Launch in-the-moment biometric triggered surveys based on your customers’ emotional responses.


Build real-time emotional engagement into events, software and VR. Live and real-time bio-emotional feedback from the audience. Create more dynamic, immersive experiences.

Sports & Performance

Go beyond self-reporting diaries. Monitor physical activity, emotions and coping mechanisms. Improve training and performance based on bio-emotional feedback.


Build emotionally responsive mobile phones or wearables. Create content that supports the moment they are in.

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Work with our team of experts

sensumites team

Building technology that understands the behaviour and emotions of real people in their real lives requires a multidisciplinary approach. The Sensum team combines a wide range of specialities in software and hardware, science, design and production, including PhDs that range from psychology to computer science to sound engineering. From creating the world’s first emotional response horror film, to building mobile apps that measure the emotions of thousands of people simultaneously, we’re experts in the art & science of emotion.