Developer (C++)

As a developer at Sensum you will be an integral member of a multidisciplinary team, building the systems that power Sensum’s cutting-edge products. As a C++ developer you will assist in the continued development of the compiled libraries and native systems that underlie our products. You will work closely with the team as we collaboratively build the infrastructure, systems and applications for biometrics and multimedia data recording, transfer, processing and display. In turn your work will support our algorithmic developers & data scientists, building unique emotion and user state-recognition algorithms.

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Sensum engineers and scientists in the field

About the Team

At Sensum we develop systems that deploy on, and communicate between, multiple platforms and clients across several markets. These range from cloud-based microservices to compiled libraries, and from Android apps to web apps. We are a small but diverse team of dedicated developers. We each have unique skills but are ultimately polyglots with experience of a range of different systems and languages that we can leverage as required by company strategy on short-term and long-term developments. We pride ourselves on our ability to shift domains and focus as required, as well as to upskill into new areas dynamically as we work. There is never a dull day of development at Sensum. Building one world-first after another, there is always something unique and challenging to work on.

About Sensum

Since 2011, in a string of world-firsts with global brands, we have deployed empathic AI solutions into some of the most extreme environments on the planet, making us world leaders at measuring human data 'in the wild', where people live their lives.

Sensum builds empathic AI algorithms that turn human data into emotion, physiology & behaviour insights. With real-time, unified modelling of human states, our customers are building products & experiences that are more personal, responsive, engaging… more human.

Our patent-pending empathic AI engine Synsis™ automatically appraises user data to derive human emotions & states from any situation. We combine this with our patent-pending tools for automatically syncing data & media from the widest range of sensors on the market. Our customers embed Synsis in their technology to create new kinds of empathic human-machine interaction, and develop a deeper understanding of the digital self.

Our tools have measured human data across 20 countries, online, in shops, in homes, in the wild; from 1 person to 15,000 people simultaneously, at 4,000 m, at 300 km/h; from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Rim; in cars, planes, trains, boats, bicycles, motorbikes, parachutes, zip-lines... even a jetpack.

We are a technology company, building products, solutions and campaigns both independently and for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world, including Ford, Valeo, Red Bull, Jaguar, Unilever, Publicis, BBC, Mindshare and Cisco.

Sensum technology operates on a model of multimodal sensor fusion – analysing data from a wide range of sources, including biometrics (heart rate, skin conductance, facial expression, voice, etc.) and contextual (location, speed, product info, telematics, etc.). Our unique ability to sync and correlate multiple modes of data supports our empathic AI engine in delivering scientifically-validated measurement of human states – anywhere, in real time.

We take our ethical responsibility very seriously, leading dialogue around the world in how this technology should be used in our new digital age.

Relevant Skills & Experience (you should have most of these):

  • C++ development.
  • SQL
  • Version Control, Github etc.
  • Working within agile-driven development teams.
  • Flexibility to learn and adapt in a dynamic environment.

Additional Skills & Experience (ideally you should have some of these):

  • Practical experience in Java.
  • Practical experience in either R or Python.
  • Web frameworks (React, Angular, etc).
  • Experience with algorithm design.
  • Cloud-based development and deployment (AWS services such as Lambda, S3, RDS, IAM, API Gateway, etc).
  • Parsing, producing & maintaining technical documentation.
  • Knowledge of emotion theory (psychology perspective).

If you’re looking for an amazing new challenge within a fast-growing business that can kick your career into overdrive, this is the role for you!

To apply, send your CV to and a short note about why you want to join us.

Ben Bland

Chief Operations Officer