Welcome To The Age Of Physiology


Morrison is doing his part to hasten this coming age. Through his previous company, Filmtrip, he helped produce the world's first bio-responsive horror film – Unsound – in which scenes, music and sound effects would be altered based on the biometric readings of participating audience members.

Unsound used two different metrics to shape its 15-minute run-time : heart rate and galvanic skin response – a measure of the electrical conductance of skin, which varies according to sweat levels.

The film made it's debut at the SXSW Festival in 2011. After the screening, Morrison recalls how one of the participants came up to him to say : "If you could figure out a way to make this go mobile, you would be onto something serious."

Two years on, that challenge has been met. Morrison and his Filmtrip business partner Shane McCourt have launched the company Sensum, and their technology for measuring skin conductance now fits on a wristband, with wires connecting to the index and middle fingers. When used in tandem with Sensum's mobile and tablet app, wearers can track their physiological responses to different stimuli – be it audio, video or interactive content such as websites.

Morrison and McCourt envision two distinct but related applications for Sensum's technology. There's a pure metrics play, where it's used to help advertisers test the emotional resonance of a piece of content. Then there is interactive potential, as demonstrated by Unsound.

Thanks to Brian Tarran, Editor, Impact Magazine for the article.
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