Want to Relax for Science?

Relax Study Social 1827X948

As part of our ongoing mission to develop the science of emotions and empathic AI, we're seeking participants for a new study in our research lab. And this one is designed to be a little more chilled out than usual...

What Does it Involve?

We’ll ask you to do some cognitive tasks and spend some time relaxing in our Zen Zone while wearing sensors that record your heart rate and breathing.


Our HQ at 49 Malone Rd, Belfast, BT9 6RY – just down the road from Queen's University.

Want to Get Involved?

Just 1 hour of your time… you can relax in our research lab and earn a £10 Amazon Voucher. What’s not to love?

To sign up for the study please email 'SIGN UP' to research@sensum.co

Please note, to be eligible you must NOT:

  • Be under 16.
  • Be pregnant.
  • Be a smoker.
  • Have a medical condition currently being treated by prescribed medication.
  • Be a professional athlete / exercise at a professional level.
  • Have a history of cardiovascular problems or issues.
  • Have an upper-body clothing size exceeding XXL / UK 24.
  • Have epilepsy.

Ben Bland

Chief Operations Officer