Using biometric data to improve sports & performance


More and more organisations are understanding that all relationships are emotional. Brands want to understand the emotional engagement levels of their customers to develop the most successful strategies, and now the same can be said for sport organisations and their players…

Recently, you may have seen media coverage about the use of biometric technology in professional sports such as American Football, British Rugby and Tennis. These type of organisations are measuring biometric data to better understand the performance of players and develop strategies for improvement. By biometric data, it could be all sorts - heart rate, galvanic skin response, breathing levels, skin temperature, eye & head tracking and facial coding. Pretty cool, right?

At Sensum, this innovation is something we very much advocate. We are world leader at measuring emotions ‘in the wild’, where people live their everyday lives. Working with one of the world’s top brands, we measure biometric & contextual data to understand the emotional state of professional athletes, use emotion AI to turn this data into practical insights, and display the art of emotion in a creative & visual format.

Measuring biometric data will not only bring exciting insights for the players and coaches, but also for the fans. Think about it, imagine tennis fans could see the heart rate of the players on screen after they have smashed an Ace? Or Rugby fans - British Lions App recently announced its key feature ‘My Lions’ which displays statistical data of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales players so users can select their perfect British Lion team. Ultimately, biometric data can be used logically for team performance and creatively for fan experience.

We look forward to continuing our work within the sports & performance field, where the use of biometric technology is only growing! While we can’t give too much away about our upcoming creativities, we can certainly tell you biometric data measurement will be the future of sports development and not only that, the future of arts & entertainment!