SYNC - Synchronise Media, Biometrics & Context Data

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If creating the future of enhanced media experiences is your goal then the SYNC production tools are for you.

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Collect synchronised media and data from cameras, mics, biometric wearables, and smartphones via the Android app and use the Adobe plugin to control media, visual layers, audio and video effects within AfterEffects.

Accelerate your workflow with wireless master-control and synchronisation of your cameras, microphones and data recorders. Forget manually aligning data streams with video and audio – automate the process directly from your smartphone. SYNC puts the power of a digital production crew in your pocket.

  • Automatically sync your video, audio and data streams.
  • Control your media and data workflow right from your smartphone, anywhere.
  • Add automatic & manual event tags to get more from your data.

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The Bio-emotional Production Workflow with SYNC

  1. Wirelessly trigger & control your media and data devices directly from your smartphone.
  2. Add custom event tags and input your emotional reactions into your sessions.
  3. Export to Sensum’s cloud-based processing platform for further automatic cleansing and tagging (eg. min/max data points).
  4. Output to your media workflow or use for data analysis (or use Sensum’s custom-built Adobe After Effects plugin for controlling data visualisations, effects and more).

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Why We Built SYNC

SYNC solves an industry-wide problem that Sensum has also faced too many times. We developed SYNC to solve our own production and analysis headaches when collaborating with our partners at Red Bull Media House, to produce a first-of-a-kind VR experience: The Hero Feeling.

We needed a way to measure the emotions of extreme-sports athletes while they performed in remote and dangerous locations. This required us to record biometric data from the athletes’ bodies, contextual data from the surrounding environment and in-built sensors in their smartphones, then sync that with cameras and microphones around the athletes. Until now, syncing multiple data and media streams has been a slow, manual process. That’s why we built SYNC.

SYNC was designed to travel with the athlete, communicating wirelessly with the various sensors and recording devices surrounding them – taking ‘bio-emotional’ production out into the wild.

SYNC didn’t just help us to produce The Hero Feeling, taking audiences closer than ever to the feeling of being an extreme athlete at the peak of their performance. The combined metadata and content also provided unique insights for other people who had a stake in the athlete’s mood and performance. The production was combined with a series of scientific experiments to analyse the emotions of the athletes, with psychologists, performance coaches, and the athletes themselves, all benefitting from access to data that could be visualised in sync with the video of their performance.

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Ben Bland

Chief Operations Officer