Sensum ‘Listening Party’ for worldwide launch of Muse album 'The 2nd Law’

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It had started out to be an offifical event but at the 11th hour it was pulled by the label. We had put a lot of work into it so we decided to go ahead and run the event ourselves at Belfast’s Oh Yeah Centre.

At this exclusive event held on the release day of the Muse album a select few were able to view their emotional response live on screen as they heard the tracks from the album for the 1st time with a wide array of results.

Some were superfans, some were fans of their earlier work & there was even one person who said they hadn’t heard any Muse tracks before.

We sat them one at a time in a big comfy armchair in front of 2 hefty speakers stacks and played each person one track at a time.

A camera displayed the person’s image onto a screen & on that screen their GSR [Galvanic Skin Response] was displayed real-time so that everyone in the room could see whether they were enjoying the music or not. The more the person’s body got into the music the more they responded graphically on screen.

Noleen giving some interesting responses.

In one instance one of the superfans almost flatlined throughout the track and feeling very conscious that the room was watching their live signal on a large screen they closed their eyes willing themselves to like the music .. but the body doesn’t lie! To be fair they were a lover of Muse music but not dubstep and it was a dubstep track that they just couldn’t get into.

If you missed out on coming down yourself here is the video re-cap of what happened.

Of particular interest are the screens showing a number of users at once, and how different their responses were (not all to the same track however).

Thanks to everyone at Oh Yeah for letting us use the space & thanks to all who came down to make it a really fun & interesting evening.

And good luck to Muse for their new album.