Sensum Audience Testing Event: Be part of NI Tech History


Recently featured in New Scientist, the Sensum mobile platform measures engagement with a piece of media via tiny changes in audiences’ sweat levels. Over the past year, we’ve presented Sensum at international tech and media events, and conducted ‘guerilla testing’ events with members of the NI public and workers in the tech and creative industries here. Game of Thrones cast and crew, Oscar winner Terry George, futurist Gerd Leonhard and Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap have all had a go with the Sensum platform. Sensum was shortlisted for the Smart UK Project 2013, being recognised as one of the top 20 innovative mobile companies in the UK, and has been selected to present at the “Back to the Future 2023″ event at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

Now a global research organisation has expressed interest in our audience testing capabilities. To gather the necessary data for an A/B test, we’re inviting participants at our NISP-hosted event to test their engagement with ads from two titans of the tech world, to see which brand elicits the more emotional response from viewers.


The individual demos will run for about 5 minutes (4 at a time). Participants will be given a mobile phone and headphones and a pair of ‘Galvanic Skin Response’ sensors which they’ll wear on their fingers as they watch 2 short advertisements. The sensors will measure minute changes in sweat levels while they watch the ads; this data is then uploaded to a dashboard where a graphical visualisation will show at which points in the ads the audience were engaged or disengaged. Basic demographic info will be gathered via a short survey, however all responses are completely anonymous.

We’ve received fantastic support from the NI public, tech and creative communities since the beginning of our journey. Now that we’ve launched our beta platform and are attracting global interest, we’re hoping you’d like to be part of our success story. If you’d like to take part in the testing event, please send email us at As a thank-you for giving us your time, we’ll be raffling a £50 Amazon voucher, which will be awarded at 3pm with a round-up of the test session. We can also link to your site from event photos on our various social media sites, and include participant quotes and links in post-event press – we like to share the buzz!

You can see the Game of Thrones cast and crew having a go with Sensum – and their reaction – at You can also see photos from previous events (including our ‘Hall of Fame’ participants) at We hope to show you the technology in person on the 25th!