Rexona’s Fresh Moves at Malaysia's Electric Run Event

Electric Run2016

Electric Run is a 5K night run in Malaysia, leading to a music festival over the finish line. This was the perfect opportunity for Unilever to reach out to sceptical market in South East Asia and convince consumers that Rexona deodorant (Sure in the UK) was the freshest available. Unilever Rexona targeted consumers with the USP of “the more you move, the fresher you get” since the deodorant's motion sensing technology triggers micro-capsules into fragrance. Unilever and Mindshare Malaysia enlisted Sensum to oversee the launch of Rexona’s first Life+ campaign.




7th May '16

Body and Contextual Data

Heart Rate, Audio, and GPS


  • Mindshare Malaysia


Sensum were tasked with measuring the 'electric buzz' of the crowd of over 15,000 in the stadium, and the individual body metrics of a selection of active participants. This would of course prove a logistical challenge!


Participants were invited to download an android app that Sensum created especially for the event, using our Emotion AI toolkit. We monitored the entire crowd through volume of noise and energy being generated- live and in real time, and then relayed this info onto massive LED displays throughout the stadium. We also projected the amount of money being raised for charity; the incentive being “the more you move the more money we raise to help people with mobility disabilities.” We also used wrist based wearables to capture the heart rates of a smaller section of the crowd for another layer of value and with so much activity, Unilever were able to convince all participants of the strength of their product.



More than 15,000 participants made over 104 million fresh moves, raising RM 100,007 (approx £19K) for charity. The nature of the event made for over 20,000 interactions on social media, promoting brand awareness for up to 4.7 million people and through our biometric solutions we could track and display body movement while revellers stayed fresh. The event was a great success in every regard and was awarded three Gold MMA'S (Mobile Marketing Awards.) Sensum were delighted to have been involved.

Ben Bland

Chief Operations Officer