Sensum And Form Theatricals Establishing A New Model For Producing Musicals


Since theatre and musicals are live performances we've always been fascinated not only in the audience response measurement but in the opportunity to create biofeedback performances where those on stage could shift with the emotions of an audience mid-performance.

Setting up for the Sensum test

For the last couple of months Anthony and Zach have been experimenting with audience measurement of read-throughs for musicals. And the feedback from the Form guys and writers has been fascinating.

Measuring the effectiveness of the performance

"Form Theatricals is thrilled to be using Sensum to capture the true emotion of theater goers. The sensors' data allows theater writers to iterate on their work faster by providing them with a minute to minute breakdown of the audience's response to their show." Anthony Francavilla

Anthony Francavilla And Zachary Laks : Form Theatricals

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