Kev Largey designs a mural illustrating the art of emotion at the Sensum head office

Sensum20 Mural

Wanting to bring more art of emotion into our workplace, we asked our good friend and well-known graffiti artist Kev Largey (KVLR) to join us at the Sensum premises and design a mural on our wall that represents the illustration of emotion. And my oh my… is he talented!

KVLR’s background

Kev began his career in graphic design where he was designing t-shirts, motion graphics and video editing. From there, he got back into what he has always loved doing since he was a child - drawing, illustration and painting.

Beginning with small pieces of art Kev focused on canvas and stencil work but his talent lead him to create much bigger things and he became more noticed by people across Ireland.

He was picked up by a manchester-based art organisation, Spearfish, and had his first big appearance at a graffiti jam called Eurocultured in Dublin.

(Work at Eurocultured featuring KVLR, Frizelle, Dog Boy and Small Parcels)

That was a significant moment in his career as it give him good exposure and helped him receive an opportunity for painting the full interior of a bar and a number of other jobs in Dublin.

His work has also had a massive contribution to Belfast’s graffiti scenery, especially in the Cathedral Quarter. One of Kev’s career highlights is his four story piece on Church Street that’s definitely a hard one to miss!

(KVLR’s graffiti piece on Church Street)

KVLR’s illustration of emotion mural for Sensum

With Kev having exceptional talent, we were delighted that he agreed to design the Sensum emotional mural. As we all know… the artist knows best so we give him a brief background about what Sensum represents and left him to create a sketch that will illustrate emotion with his very own inspirations and artistic twist.

(Original sketch design)

What inspired him with this design?

Kev focused on subconscious emotions, creating a unique piece that expresses different emotions through subliminal messages and visual jokes.

Other images that the mural will eventually include are buildings in the background made out of sound systems, portraying the influence of music on emotion.

While so many emotions are illustrated already, it is still an ongoing process and the more time and thought spent on it, the more it will evolve. We can’t wait to share the final piece so stay updated with KVLR’s progress on our Twitter page and feel free to share your emotional and creative ideas...