Feel the Hillclimb with Sensum at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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This summer Sensum will be introducing the world to another first-of-a-kind experience, as we connect motorsport lovers to the emotions of world-class racing drivers.

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Get close to the world's fastest and most luxurious. Image credit Goodwood / Nick Dungan. (Title image credit Goodwood / Drew Gibson)

Note: for the main article on this project, jump over here: http://bit.ly/FoS18_Sen

This year will be the 25th anniversary for Goodwood Festival of Speed, which has grown to become 'one of the biggest motoring events in Europe', and surely one of the most desirable dates on the global automotive calendar. Now the festival celebrates all kinds of petrolhead pursuits, including rally driving, motocross and aerobatics. But the most iconic feature continues to be the Hillclimb, where the world’s fastest racers compete to reach the top of the track in record time. This year, Sensum technology will be riding with them.

The surprise hit of last year's festival was a new feature called Future Lab, a high-spec visitor pavilion that showcases ambitious new mobility technology, from flying taxis to autonomous race-cars. This year we are working with Future Lab to reach out beyond the building and into the famous Hillclimb track, to give visitors a glimpse at the future of racing.

We will be wiring up some of the drivers with chest-worn biometric sensors, to derive changes in their emotional states throughout the sprint up the hill. That data will be visualised in an interactive stand back at the Future Lab pavilion to help festival visitors come a little closer to the thrill of the race. The full list of participating drivers and cars is yet to be confirmed, but we are already lining up some jaw-dropping entrants for a start.

As the Festival of Speed increasingly embraces future-thinking innovations into its programme, we are honoured to be bringing a little Sensum magic to the show. Interacting with driver emotions like this will be a first for motorsport entertainment, plus we hope the data insights will be as enlightening for the drivers as they are for the audience.

We’ll check back in to share the outcomes after the event. But better than that, why not join us in the sunshine and engine roar at the Festival itself, on 12-15 July?

It'll be a hell of a show. Don't believe us? Well here's Keanu Reeves to convince you...

Ben Bland

Chief Operations Officer