The Empathic Mobility Playbook – a Free Guide to Transport Tech with Human Understanding

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We are entering an age of transport services that can measure and respond to our feelings – don't go into it alone. Get your free guide to empathic mobility technology.

Since launching Sensum we have watched a new tech paradigm manifest around us. As the power of sensors and data processors has soared, their cost has simultaneously plummeted. Out of these conditions, and several others, has emerged the capability for our machines to understand their users at a more personal level than ever possible before.

And of all the sectors we have worked with, perhaps none are facing the same scale of disruptive innovation as mobility. The mobility sector, encompassing transport, automotive and all the other supporting services that help us travel from source to destination, is undergoing a revolution. Automation, electrification, connectivity and ride-sharing are some of the key drivers for change – and each one deserves its own book.

In the last 18 months alone we've spoken to nearly every major company in the automotive space, as well as key players in shipping, Formula 1, MotoGP, air travel, you name it. Everybody is interested in how to integrate human-state measurement into the next wave of mobility products and services but there is wide variation in knowledge, experience and strategy within the industry. So we've distilled our thinking, based on seven years of skin-in-the-game, to provide a guide to the opportunities and challenges that empathic technology will bring to the mobility space.

This is the first playbook of its kind that we've written, and it's only a summary. We plan to release a full, more detailed version in early 2019. So we're very keen to understand what you think. What questions do you want answered? What have we missed? What is the best way to get you the knowledge you need to navigate these uncharted waters?

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Ben Bland

Chief Operations Officer