Emotional mural is finally complete at Sensum headquarters

Mural Kvlr Sensum Symbol

As the saying goes… good things come to those who wait. The Sensum emotional mural is finally finished....

In February, our good friend and Belfast’s most talented graffiti artist, Kev Largey, joined us in the Sensum head office to start the journey of our emotional mural. And over the past five months Kev has created an unbelievably eye-catching back wall that we want to show off! But before we do, check out chapter 1 of this story where we shared some of Kev’s previous artist work and original sketch designs of the mural.

Mural Full Length

As you can see, the mural is made up of various creations, all of which have different meanings behind them....

1) The sleeping girl

Mural Abstract Thoughts
Mural Girl And Sheep

Let’s start with the first section of the mural - the sleeping girl. She represents the emotional subconscious mind, as lots of our surrealistic ideas will come from within our sleep and dreams. It is the beginning of the emotional journey because sleeping is fundamental in the early stages of life and gives the brain time to process what has been going on over the recent days and weeks of your lives. Surrounding the girl you can see subliminal messages, such as ‘Zzz’ for drifting off to sleep and falling into the colourful and never-ending abstract of deep subconscious thoughts, sheep ‘counting’ and a cup of tea… as most of us need one of them to rise and shine every morning.

2) A man full of knowledge

Mural Inspired By Albert Heinstein

The next section of the mural has very subliminal messaging behind it... but we wonder if you could guess it? The ‘apple of knowledge’ is being held by a figure that has a facial pose inspired by a famous photo of a very wise man. Can you think who? If not… the mysterious genius will be revealed at the end of this post!

3) The mischievous pirate

Mural Pirate Mischievious

Next on the emotional mural represents the dark side to emotions. The pirate figure portrays a smile, while looking mischievous and sinister… suggesting we can sometimes put on a brave face but not necessarily feel like that. Almost like wearing a mask?

4) The digital self… with a hot twist

Mural Pirate

That brings us to the following character who represents the era of screen based technology and the digital self. While the sunglasses make him look pretty cool, they are there to represent disguise. As we are now living in a digital social world, we all have the ability to portray ourselves how we want to - we can be our true self or ideal self it’s up to us!

You might wonder why he has half a head that is pouring out purple lava? Well this part of the character is to represent an emotional memory of the Sensum journey, when we measured the emotional responses of Sam Crossman diving into a volcano!

5) Misty man

Mural Single Guy With Tape And Pencil

Excuse the soppiness for a moment but this little misty guy is one most of us will feel sorry for...he represents loneliness. Striving for attention in the background, this character is a reminder that there will be difficult stages in life but we have to stay strong to move onwards and upwards. On the mural he is positioned after the powerful pirate and volcano-head characters...are they teaming up to push him into the background? Is there a leading path from dominance to weakness? The idea of bullying could come to mind…which can be dark and have serious emotional impact on people’s lives.

6) Musical memories

Mural Guy Holding Old Music Tech

Coming towards the end of the mural, various objects are drawn creatively to represent the development within music. Music has always had an effect on multiple emotions… it can make us feel happy as well as sad. Back in the day, music lovers used tape cassettes and relied on a pencil to rewind songs without wasting Walkman battery. They also loved the likes of vinyl, which is slightly broken in the mural because they seemed to die off but are slowly becoming trendy once again. What’s more, in the corner you can see a cityscape made up of loudspeakers to represent music is all around us.

7) Happily ever after

Mural Content Guy And Kvlr

Last but least… the mural ends with a character showing contentment. Using the same colours as the sleeping girl at the beginning, this represents the circle of emotional life. With this, it can be said that we will go through a number of different journeys throughout life but, no matter what, they will always be emotional.

Ps. Incase you were wondering who the mystery genius is... take a look!