$1M Seed Round Clearly Shows Sensum In Sweet Spot For Understanding Emotional Response Data

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Recently Sensum closed their 2nd traunch of seed investment after 12 months of building the academic and commercial models to prove up the place of Sensum in the emotions research space. This additional $400k brings the total to $1m.

In addition to the financial investment in this round we have developed Strategic Partnerships with Future Foundation and Wearable World who both bring huge support in terms of their client reach, industry kudos and their international presence in Stockholm, New York and San Francisco.

Their support of Sensum not only demonstrates the growing interest in wearable technology and in understanding the data that comes from it, but more importantly in understanding the digital self – the measurable data that we generate every second that can help people to learn about themselves and thatcan be applied to both business and consumers alike.

A series of trials with a number of global FMCG, media and market research companies have helped refine the product and the commercial offering, and have shaped development of Sensum tools for the next 12 months.

From single campaigns to rolling subscriptions, from live events to volcano diving, Sensum has been deployed 'outside of the lab' capturing conscious and unconscious responses on the move, allowing clients to see how emotionally engaging content, products and experiences have been.

"We look forward to 2015 and our new strategic partnerships with relish. Both Future Foundation and Wearable World will help take the Sensum emotions platform to a global audience." Gawain Morrison, CEO & co-founder, Sensum

"It is our job at Future Foundation to give our clients in both the corporate and investment communities confidence in, and a true understanding of, how the future is evolving. We see the Sensum vision totally aligned with future consumer needs. They are delivering on a series of very exciting trends to watch." Meabh Quoirin, MD Future Foundation

"Our words are not necessarily true indicators of the emotions we experience in a given situation. With biometric data and Sensum technology, one is able to better quantify our reactions and begin to have a deeper understanding of what is happening within our bodies when we say we 'like' or 'hate' something. Which is why in 2015 we will begin to use Sensum technology to help us here at Wearable World Labs and our global clients better understand how their products effect others. We couldn't be more excited to be working on such a level with the phenomenal Sensum team." Kyle Ellicott, CTO/COO/Founder