Create Your Own Emotional Visuals And Reports Using The SaySo Live API

X Factor2

The SaySo apps and live dash allow anyone to offer their real-time emotional opinion to campaigns for political debate, TV broadcast, game shows, sports events, conferences, and festivals.

In a few simple steps you can have a campaign setup, with a range of topics for discussion and emotional opinion gathering. You can make use of our respondent solution that offers you up to 10 million people across 60 territories, or can use your own networks to engage.

But that's not where it stops. If you want more than the dynamic live reporting that SaySo offers you, and you want the live stream of data to be presented in your interfaces, apps or broadcast, then our API allows just that.

Using the RESTful API you have full control over the data for your designs.

Not sure what we mean? Then here are a few suggested use models for you :


With all of the emotions that ebb & flow during the X-Factor, from fear to joy, from love to hate, we could watch how a nation emotionally responds ... from the nationwide trials to the Final, from the tears as contestants leave to the cheers as contestants get through the rounds .. and don't forget the boos and cheers for your favourite judge. The audience emotions could be broadcast live via all the X-Factor digital touch points, from website to apps, as well as on the studio live screens and TVs at home.


It's being touted as the closest UK elections in decades and SaySo has been adding it's own emotional voice to the debate, with audiences interacting with the platform to give live feedback as the TV debates have taken place. In previous elections you've only had a binary response - a yes/no - and with social networks you can now refine the phrases and commentary from audiences and voters; now you can measure their emotional opinions, and broadcast them live on screen, via digital dashboards, or within apps .. all of the places that your voters are engaging. Perhaps this will bring politics back to the art of passion on a subject rather than a party line?!


Wearable technology is becoming more widespread and with SaySo you can not only capture the emotional opinion of your audience but also their heart rates via smart watches. Imagine a conference, a festival or a gig where the live stream of heart rate data could be used to drive the lighting, the visuals or even the musical accompaniment to the space around you .. whether that's just your heart and emotions or the whole of the venue is up to the creative, but the bottom line is an emotional feedback loop that could create new experiences the like of which we've never seen .. or felt .. before.

Not only that, but you'll never need a feedback form again; you can see how speeches, panels, workshops and performances are working real-time, and can change things accordingly, or just know for next time what works and what doesn't.


All sports events are highly emotive occasions, from football to Formula 1, from the Superbowl to the Olympics.

For a Manchester Derby, one of the biggest derbys of the UK Premiership season, fans on both sides, and passionate neutrals, all provide their emotional opinion, tying in with the social noise, to paint a full emotional picture of the heartfelt passion on the run up to the match.

During the match those in the stadium sing and chant their joy and disappointment .. their feelings in continuous flux throughout the game, whilst those at home, in bars, in front of their mobile devices, cheer and scream their team through the 90 minutes.

And then there is the inevitable emotional dissection of the game, the players, the coach and the referee.

Imagine you were able to visualise that emotional roller coaster across your websites, apps and screens?

Want to know more? Please contact us and we'd be happy to help you break new boundaries with your audience emotions.