3 Ways To Work With Sensum


1) Full service - Research

We'll take you through from end to end of the process of your research, help you conceptualise the best experimental design, recruit & manage the study, and provide the reports of what results we found .. we'll even help you manage your PR event with unique sensor integration building on the results [check out our 3 phase approach to running neuro studies]

2) Partner With Your Research Team

If you already have an insights team or market research company then we are happy to be the technical team on the ground providing the hardware, software tools, training, and support to compliment your methods and processes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate neuro methodology and deeper emotional insights. We've deployed Sensum alongside focus groups, package testing, ad effectiveness and customer user journeys so contact us to see how we can work with you.

3) Subscription Model

If you're a specialist user and team working with neuro tools, then this model is for you, where we provide the hardware and software tools, along with training and support, to allow you the most flexible mobile platform for emotional measurement on the market.

Whichever solution is for you we'd be happy to hear from you to start our working relationship.
Please contact us so that we can talk to you about how best Sensum can help you.