3 steps to knowing your brand's emotional health

Aaron Thomas 216204

At Sensum, we understand the importance of emotions and the effect they can have on consumers' choices and perceptions. That's why we provide our clients with a full emotional health check up in just 3 simple steps...

Step 1 - Taking your Brand's Temperature

We will run your brand or product through our simple and intuitive Implicit Response Test [IRT] platform to establish what emotional attributes your brand is most associated with at this moment, and it’s Emotional Health ranking against its main competitor.

Take our latest auto brand report for example, we were able to show that Skoda was in fact a more emotional brand than VW (contact us for a copy of the full paper).

Step 2 - Checking your Brand's Social Vitals

We will assess how your brand is emotionally talked about on Twitter by using our Emoji Sentiment analysis tool, allowing you to see whether people are positive or negative towards your brand; before, during and after a campaign.

Step 3 - Giving your Brand a Full MOT

Using the Sensum Insights platform, we take your health check even further with our deeper analysis tools to understand the non-conscious emotional responses of consumers actually engaging with your brand. From facial coding and eye-tracking online through to in-the-field biometric research you can see whether your Emotional Health is correctly experienced across all aspects of your customer relationships.

The result

With those 3 simple steps you can gain deeper insights, understand how consumers feel about your brand on an emotional level and develop appropriate business strategies to improve or maintain customer experience and loyalty long term. Contact us for your emotional checkup today!