June 5, 2015

Emotionally Tagging Your Photos With Your Heart And Your Head

Whether it's a selfie, a snapshot with a famous person, the highlights of your holiday, or the best gig of your life, capturing that moment with a photo is essential. The explosion of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest only demonstrate the wish for people to take photos and share them, and social hangouts Facebook and Twitter are alive with those memory moments.

But what if you could go one step further and tag those photos with your emotions? Well that's what will be possible in just a few weeks.

At Sensum HQ we've been working away at developing some new methods of emotions measurement and in producing new tools for people to record and report on their emotions, both at a conscious and unconscious level.

And we've made it super simple to use and understand. And it's all controlled by you.

1. Open our camera app [name yet to be determined]

2. Take your photo

3. Tag it with your heart rate [via your phone or smart watch]

4. Tag it with your emoticon

5. Share it with the world

And that's it!


We've come up with a selection of names for this new product and WE NEED YOU to help us make the final decision. So please could you take a minute to give us your opinion in OUR SURVEY. The contender names are :

Biopics, Emocam, Spotlight, InSight, Plutch, Peg, Square One, and VIXI.

And we'll let you know once we go live in a few weeks time so you can emotionally tag those precious memories.

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