February 13, 2015

Sensum "Lifelogging" In Dublin Science Gallery, Dublin

"Lifelogging" - Do You Count?

'Your Conscious / Unconscious Self' - What do your emotions look like?

This is the Lab category that Sensum finds itself in from 12th-15th February at Science Gallery Dublin.

Interested in the world of visualising your digital self? Want to see how you emotionally engage with experiences? Then come and try out a range of Sensum tools for capturing conscious and unconscious responses, using wireless sensors, mobile devices and cloud-based technology and ask all the questions you can!

Visitors can test Sensum's tools to measure conscious and emotional responses to experiences, from media engagement to a digital diary device. These are real-time touch and feel interactions where a user puts on a sensor or tries out an app, with responses being displayed in a cloud-based dashboard for review. This residency will explore Sensum products, the space of wearables and biometrics capture, along with the methods of capturing emotional understanding.

You can drop into the Lab any time to chat with Sensum, or check out one of their scheduled workshopshere - "Juxtaposemotion".

Here are some images and videos from the opening launch night :

Lynn Scarff, Director of Science Gallery Dublin, allowing Sensum to broadcast her emotional response while giving a launch night speech to a packed house [Thanks Lynn]

Lynn's live response as she gave her speech [Thanks again Lynn]

The Sensum team in Dublin this week : Iain McAuley [Lead Visual Engineer] & Neil Clerkin [Platform Assistant].

Sensum - In The Lab

Live emotional polling results from the Science Gallery audience on Launch night using our emotional 'Snap Poll' tool.

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