February 12, 2015

Sam Cossman - Taking The Body To The Hottest Place On Earth






Our first step was to understand the limitations of which our GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) and Heart Rate sensors could reach in terms of temperature before they may fail. A GSR sensor measures the microscopic sweat level changes in a your fingers. These changes are related to your Autonomic Nervous System with emotions such as fear, excitement, happiness and relaxation. Sam would also be using the Insights app to capture his GPS and conscious response (valence), so validating the mobile device would also be key.

To understand the context of where these changes happened, a camera on Sam would be key as he descended and moved around the volcano crater.

Finally, we collated all of the data and provided visual overlays for the final promotional video. Our visual department designed each element that would fit Sam Cossman's brand.


After some training sessions, Sam was ready to descend into the Marum Crater with our kit attached. He wore a GoPro camera on his helmet as he descended and had two other camera crewmembers capturing alternative angles, all synced to our Insights app. We were able to capture over 40 hours of biometric data.

After uploading the data via Wi-Fi to the Dashboard, we were able to begin to visualise all of the data and understand what exactly his body went through.


When Sam started his descent we saw a massive increase in stress with his GSR and Heart Rate levels increasing steadily. As he got closer to touching his feet to solid ground, his stress levels reduced. Finally, as he began to walk towards the extreme heat of the crater, his excitement level and Heart Rate increased massively with a victorious stance that can be seen in the video below.

Our equipment could handle the massive amount of heat and withstand any durability issues during Sam’s adventure. This unique insight into our bodies as they go through such a journey is a key observation into how response systems.

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