About Us

Sensum is an Emotions-based software solutions company.

We bring together the art and science of emotions with our creative expertise and technology.

Our online platform Sensum Insights gathers emotional responses from audiences and turns them into actionable insights to help brands hone their products, user experiences, content, retail and immersive experiences.

Our Current Mission

To understand how we respond and interact with the world around us and help shape a digitally creative and trusting world with this knowledge.

Our Manifesto

Measuring human emotions & responses is a big responsibility. We take our work and the privacy of those we work with seriously. As an organisation we are:

Fascinated by human-beings, emotions, the way people view & interact with the world

Experts in human emotion, biometric, mobile & user-friendly technology

Passionate about pushing boundaries & doing things that have never been done before

Creative thinkers, responsible doers

Always striving to have a positive impact

Our Management team

Our Expert Advisor

Gary McKeown
Dr Gary McKeown

Senior Lecturer at School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast and Advisor to Sensum

Meabh Quoirin
Meabh Quoirin

Co-owner & CEO, Foresight Factory & Future Foundation, global leader in trends intelligence & future led data analysis

John Dillon
John Dillon

VP Global Marketing, Web Performance & Security at Akamai

Craig Dudenhoeffer
Craig Dudenhoeffer

Director of Labs at Wearable IoT World, Inc.

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